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Chapter 1 The Lighting Design Profession

The Lighting Designer’s Scope of Practice
Professional Lighting Design Credentials
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 Chapter 2 The Design Process and Lighting Design

What is Lighting Design?
Phases of the Architectural Design Process
Beginning the Lighting Design
A Lighting Design Process
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 Chapter 3 Designing with Light

Thinking About Light
Thinking About Luminaires
Thinking About Lighting Architecture
Thinking About Variety and Contrast
Thinking About Everything – Layers of Light
Communicating Design Ideas
Approaches to the Lighting Design Process
Additional Considerations
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Chapter 4 What is Light?

Light is Illumination
Light is Rays of Vision
Light is a Material
Light is Rays
Light is Colored Rays
Light is Waves
Light is Particles
Light is Waves, Again
Light is Waves and Particles, aka Quanta
Light is Art
Light is a Tool
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Chapter 5 How We See

From Light Source to Vision
The Eye
How We See Color
Visual Performance
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Chapter 6 Light and Perception

Lighting, Architecture, and Impressions
Light and Behavior
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Chapter 7 Distribution of Light

Interaction of Light and Materials
Types of Distribution
Other Distribution Issues
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Chapter 8 Light Sources and Lamps

Light Sources
Lamp Shapes
Lamp Sizes
Lamp Bases
Beam and Field Angle
Describing a Lamp
Selecting a Light Source
Lamp Information for Consumers
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Chapter 9 The Science of Color in Light

Why Understand the Science of Color?
The Special Nature of Vision
Standard Observers
Chromaticity Diagrams
Colors of White Light
How Do We Define White Light?
Chromaticity Differences
Color Rendering
Light Source Characteristics
Other Issues in Color
Chromatic Light
Additive and Subtractive Color Mixing
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Chapter 10 Designing with Color in Light

Selecting Color Temperature
Tunable Lighting
Using TM-30
Using Colored Light
Color and Meaning
Color and Environment
Sources of Colored Light
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Chapter 11 Light Fixtures or Luminaires

Luminaire Components
Common Luminaire Types
Mounting Conditions
Outdoor Luminaires
Luminaire Consideration Summary
Reading Manufacturer’s Literature
Modifying Luminaires
Custom Luminaires
Luminaire Sales and Information
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Chapter 12 Lighting Techniques and Details

Wall Washing
Wall Grazing
Accent Lighting
Cove Lighting
Luminous Ceilings
Under Shelf Lighting
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Chapter 13 Daylighting

The Benefits of Daylighting
Planning for Daylighting
Code Requirements
Solar Angles
Building Orientation
Designing Daylighting
Shading Strategies
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Chapter 14 Lighting Controls

Electricity and Electrical Engineering
Why Do We Need Controls?
Basic Controls
Control Protocols
Other Control System Components
Control Systems
Commissioning Control Systems
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Chapter 15 Photometrics and Calculations

Terms Describing Brightness
Units for Measuring Light
How Much Light is Required?
Illuminance Calculations
Glare Calculations
Flicker Calculations
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Chapter 16 Documenting the Design

Reflected Ceiling Plan or Lighting Plan
Luminaire Designations
Developing the RCP
Luminaire Cut Sheets
Luminaire or Fixture Schedule
Documenting Controls
Load Calculations
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Chapter 17 Building and Energy Codes

Model Codes
Model Building Codes
Model Energy Codes
Verifying Energy Code Compliance
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Chapter 18 Sustainability

Voluntary Energy Conservation Programs
Qualified Products Lists
What Else Can Be Done?
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Chapter 19 Light and Health

Biological Rhythms
Measuring Circadian Entrainment Effectiveness
Other Health Uses for Light
Light Deficiency and Light Therapy
Full Spectrum Lighting
Harmful Effects of Light
Light and the Aging Eye
WELL Building Standard
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Chapter 20 Lighting Economics

Initial Cost
Simple Payback
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Additional Value Considerations
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Appendix Lighting Related Professional Organizations



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