Xicato Publishes IES TM-30-15 Results for its LED Modules

September 24, 2015 in Color, Design, Education

In a first (as far as I know) LED manufacturer Xicato has published TM-30 results for some of its modules alongside the CRI results for Ra and R9.  Menko de Roos, CEO of Xicato, says “At Xicato we are very supportive of TM-30-15 overall and recognize the need for an improved metric system along these two dimensions.”  You can read the full press release and find links to the results here.

I’m excited to see this greatly improved color rendering metric being used by a major manufacturer, and hope to see more manufacturers releasing TM-30 results soon.  If you still haven’t looked into TM-30 there is an increasing number of resources available to you.  TM-30 is available for purchase here. You can also view the recording of a webinar sponsored by the DOE and the IES and presented by two members of the IES Color Rendering Subcommittee, Michael Royer and Kevin Hauser.