Back to School

The prediction is for a cold and snowy day in Brooklyn as my students and I return to  Pratt after the winter break.  This semester will be the final pass through the PowerPoint slides that will be available to instructors on Wiley’s web site.  It will also be, by my count, the 20th spring teaching this material.

At this point I assume that the only people reading this blog are my students (it’s only been active for about six hours!) so let me repeat what I say at the beginning of every semester – This is for you.  I know that a lighting design can have a profound impact on the way users view, experience, and interact with a space.  The goal of the semester is to help you to know it, too, and to give you the vocabulary, an understanding of the tools, and a structure (actually several structures) to frame your lighting design goals.  If there’s something I can do to help you with those goals, talk to me.